About Leh Tourism

Leh is where your adventure in Ladakh begins! The capital city of the recently formed union territory is the right reflection of what this venturesome North Indian destination is all about. At first, you might find Leh to be a quiet destination, but with further exploration you’ll find, Leh to be quite an exciting place to be for everyone. Be it a nature lover, a cultural aficionado, a history lover, an adventure enthusiast or even honeymooners, there’s certainly something special for all in Leh tourism.

Inside Leh City, for history & culture lovers are some must-see places like Leh Palace, seated atop a mountain; Shanti Stupa, perched on a mountain and is widely acclaimed; Leh Market, an ideal place for shopping in Ladakh; and the War Museum that gives you a detailed insight into the wars in India and the role of Indian Army. Around Leh also sit some of the most amazing places for sightseeing in Ladakh. The confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers in Nimmu; the sacred Sikh gurudwara, Patthar Sahib; Magnetic Hill, known for its optical illusion; are some of the major places to visit for tourists.

Best Time to Visit Leh


Summer Season in Leh

In Leh, between March and June, temperature ranges from -1°C to 15°C. The city is covered in snow which starts to melt by the month of May.


Monsoon Season in Leh

The months between July and September are considered the best time to visit Leh. The temperature is between 15°C and 35°C, and since Leh is situated at a high altitude, it does not receive much rain.


Winter Season in Leh

From the month of October, Leh starts to receive snow and the mercury dips 0°C and even less. If you enjoy snow, winter is the best time to visit Leh.

Best Places to Visit in Leh


Hemis Monastery

Dubbed the richest monastery in Ladakh, Hemis Gompa is a must-see in Leh.


Alchi Monastery

The oldest and most famous monastery in Ladakh, Alchi Monastery around Leh is a must-visit.


Stok Palace

An ancient palace turned into a heritage hotel; Stok Palace is indeed a place to plan your stay.


Shanti Stupa

Built as a part of Peace Pagoda, Shanti Stupa in Leh is the top attraction.


Matho Monastery

Situated on the bank of Indus, Matho is known for its annual Oracle Matho Nagrang Festival.


Spituk Monastery

A short distance away from Leh, Spituk Monastery contains a giant statue of Kali.

Top Things to Do in Leh


White Water Rafting

Enjoy the thrill of river rafting at the Nimmu Village a short distance away from Leh.



Stay in the Ladakhi homes to get the authentic experience of the local life of Ladakh.


Mountain Biking & Cycling

Leh is the base for many mountain biking & cycling expeditions in Ladakh and is the ideal place to buy all your biking gears.


Monastery Exploration

Witness the impressive white-washed monasteries that are a cultural treasure trove of Ladakh.



Buy the traditional Ladakhi artefacts like beaded jewellery, thangkas, prayer wheels at the bustling Leh Market.

How to Reach Leh


By Air

Leh has its own airport, Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport that has good connectivity to many destinations in India.


By Train

The nearest railway station to Leh is in Jammu, which is around 680 km away. From Jammu, one can hire a car to reach Leh.


By Bus

NH1 via Zoji La connects Leh with Srinagar. From Himachal side, Manali-Leh Highway is the way to reach Leh.

Leh Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation in Leh

Leh, the most-visited destination in Ladakh offers a plethora of accommodation options for its visitors. The area around its market has a large number of hotels & resorts in a variety of budget ranging from pocket-friendly to luxury hotels.

Top Things to Do in Leh

Leh is the base for many adventure activities like mountain biking, motor biking, trekking, and peak climbing in Ladakh. From the city, many adventure tours start after acclimatisation, training, and shopping/renting of all the necessary gears.

Amongst the top activities in Leh is white water river rafting that can be enjoyed from the nearby Nimmu Village. Camping is another activity that you must not miss out in and around Leh. There are a number of stunning places where camping becomes a memorable experience. A homestay experience to learn about the Ladakhi culture and lifestyle is one of the best things to do in Leh.

Tourist Attractions in Leh

The picturesque Leh City is where the tourists can find a number of places to visit and be at awe of. It is home to a beautiful Shanti Stupa that sits atop a mountain overlooking the beautiful city. History lovers can enjoy visiting age old Leh Palace that offers detail into the glorious past of Ladakh and the War Museum that has a large collection on the wars in India.

There are a number of sightseeing places around Leh that are a must-visit. The jaw-dropping view of the Indus-Zanskar confluence at Nimmu Village; the optical illusion at Magnetic Hill; the sacred Patthar Sahib Gurudwara; the famous Hemis and Thiksay Gompas are some of the tourist attractions that should be included in your travel itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to visit Leh?

There are two ways to visit Leh: airways and roadways. Leh has its own domestic airport where flights from major cities of India ply on a regular basis. Leh is connected well by roads and can be easily reached from the neighbouring state of Jammu & Kashmir via NH1 and Himachal Pradesh via Leh-Manali Highway.

Q. Why Leh is so famous among tourists?

Leh is the largest town in Ladakh. It houses the only airport in the union territory. It is a base town for all the travellers visiting Ladakh with a number of attractions in and around it.

Q. Do we need any special permit to visit Leh?

No, a permit is not required to visit Leh.

Q. Does one need to be physically fit to visit Leh?

Leh is situated at a height of 3500m, which is a high altitude location where one needs a day or two for acclimatisation. One need not to be physically fit but at least has to be physically well to travel in a high altitude region.

Q. What is altitude sickness why it is so common in Leh?

The scarcity of oxygen at a great height (above 3000m) is what causes altitude sickness in Ladakh where the air pressure decreases. When one scales such heights, the body may not immediately adapt to the change in the surroundings, and thus, altitude sickness occurs. Since Leh is situated at a height of 3500m, it is quite common for visitors to get altitude sickness

Q. Does TMI offer sightseeing tours in Leh?

Yes, TMI offers the best sightseeing tours in Leh that include the top attractions like Hemis Monastery, Sangam, Magnetic Hill, Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace and many other sites.

Q. Does TMI offer trekking and climbing tours in and around Leh?

Yes, TMI has all kinds of trekking and climbing tours in and around Leh.

Q. Can I go to Leh in my personal vehicle?

Yes, you can take your personal vehicle to Leh, however, it will not be allowed for the local sightseeing and visiting other parts of Ladakh.

Q. Can I use my prepaid connection in Leh?

No, only postpaid connections work in Ladakh.

Q. Does TMI offer motor biking / jeep safari tour in Leh?

Yes, TMI has all the provisions for organising the best motorbiking and jeep safari tours in Leh.

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