War Memorial Kargil

Evoking a feeling of nationalism and patriotism at one glance, Kargil war memorial is a must visit attraction in Kargil. The memorial is built to honor the soldiers who fought bravely in the Kargil war against Pakistan. At the memorial house, one can see picture description of the major event that took place during the war and army personals who lost their lives. Additionally, the memorial has Sandstone wall where the name of all the soldiers who are inscribed. Make a point to hire a guide as they can tell about the peaks captured by the Pakistani soldiers which are clearly visible from the memorial.

Getting There

Kargil War Memorial is located quite close to the Drass War Memorial right on the main highway connecting Leh and Srinagar. The best way would be to take a taxi from Drass or Kargil.

Best time to visit

The best and only time to plan a visit to the Kargil War Memorial will be between July and September. It's during the summer season, the memorial is accessible else for the rest of the year it remains closed as the region experiences heavy snowfall.

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