Sindhu Darshan Festival Ladakh

Celebrated for three long days on full moon night in the month of June, Sindhu Darshan Festival is commemorated to endorse the Indus River (Sindhu River), a symbol of communal harmony and unity of India. It is also dedicated to the soldiers of the country who take care of the nation by standing tall on the far-flung borders. Every year, the festival grabs a lot of participation from different parts of the country. People bring water from their own state in a pot and immerse it in the Sindhu River. On the first day of the festival, a reception of all the participants takes place, organized on the banks of Sindhu at Shey. Also, prayers are conducted on the banks of the rivers by the 50 senior lamas. A bonfire also takes place in the night. On the second day, a cultural program and sightseeing trip is organized, which is further followed by a Puja. The third day remains jam-packed with the tourists as some grand celebration takes place on this day. While on a Ladakh tour to attend the Sindhu Darshan Festival, do visit some attractions.

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