Hotels in Zanskar

Zanskar is a remote region in Ladakh and is mostly chosen by adventure junkies who like to relish knuckle-gripping activities like river rafting, mountain climbing and trekking on a frozen river trail. Staying options in Zanskar Valley are sparse and and the only choices of accommodation during your holiday here are in the form of government run tourist bungalows or simple guest houses or homestays. However Padum, the headquarters of the Zanskar region, is the only place where one can find a three star hotel and a few other decent hotels.The tourist bungalows are run by J&K Government and can be found in places like Sankoo, Panikhar, Parkachik and Rangdum. Another option for accommodation in Zanskar are homestays.

At a minimal cost, one can get room reservation and three-times meals in a home of a local person at many places in Zanskar. One can also get himself a room booked in the monasteries here. Karsha and Phutkal Monasteries, both allow guests to rent a room. Camp accommodation is also possible, there is also a chance that one can pitch one’s own tent.Despite of the less availability of the accommodation in Zanskar, Tour My India promises to manage the best place for your stay. We ensure the hotel chosen by us is well equipped to provide basic necessities at a reasonable price. We also offer some incredible holiday packages in Ladakh, in which you have the opportunity to enjoy the best of this beautiful yet stark destination.

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