Tso Kar Lake Ladakh

The beauty is at its highest in Leh-Ladakh and adding to its value is the Tso Kar Lake. This pristine attraction entices many tourists not just for its shimmering blue lake but also the grandiose mountains around. It simply creates an impression of being in a different world surrounded by snow-clad mountains such as Gursan and Thugje. In fact, Tso Kar Lake not only attracts humans but it also draws many animal species. This popular destination offers visitors a close encounter of bird species like bar-headed geese, Brahmni ducks, the great crested grebe. Amongst which the black-necked cranes are the star tourism attractions. Fenced by its natural vistas, Tso Kar Lake is a must visit place during your holidays in Leh.

Getting There

Tso Kar Lake can be reached from Leh via Leh-Manali Road/Pangong Lake Road. You can get local taxis from Leh to reach Tso Kar Lake through the remote Changtang region covering total journey of 250 kilometres from Leh.

Things to Do & See in and around

Tso Kar Lake attracts many tourists because of its clear blue waters. And being a beautiful attraction, it draws many exotic birds. While in Tso Kar Lake, you can sight-see bird species like bar-headed geese, Brahmni ducks, the great crested grebe and the black-necked cranes.

Besides, other species such as ibex, snow foxes and Kiangs are also seen here. Besides birding, other attractions you can visit is the Korzok Monastery.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tso Kar Lake is from May to September..

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