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About Lakes in Ladakh

Inarguably, Ladakh is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. In fact it is the prime driving force that draw wanderers and explorers from far and wide to visit this surreal land. Complimenting the surrounding high and barren mountains, these lakes certainly contribute to Ladakh’s paradisiacal appearance, and they truly make one fall in love with them instantly.

What makes these beautiful lakes in Ladakh even more attractive is their high altitude location. Often referred as alpine lakes, these water bodies are situated at a height of 3000 meters and above. Mostly endorheic and oligotrophic in nature, these lakes freeze forming a thick sheet of ice on which walking is possible during the winter season. Amongst the popular lakes in Ladakh are Pangong Lake, which is a trans-border lake that sprawl between India and China; Tsomoriri and Tso Kar, which are a little less explored than the former one; and Yarab Tso, which is completely offbeat. Since Ladakh is still an unexplored land, chances are there are innumerable hidden lakes that are even more gorgeous than the known ones.

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