Stongday Gustor Festival Ladakh

Ladakh is a splendid destination to visit while in India and it is even more imposing to visit during its festive season. Festivals in Ladakh define 'Wanderlust,' its gigantic colourful masks and big robes create a completely unique experience. One such mega festival celebrated in Ladakh is Stongday Gustor festival. This is a must attend festival in Ladakh and it is rejoiced throughout the Zanskar region. The main highlight of this festival is the famous masked dance performed by the monastery monks. This annual festival is celebrated during the 11th month of Tibetan calendar which is June. Held in the Stongday monastery in Zanskar region this festival draws numerous locals and many tourists to witness this auspicious event. If you happen to visit Ladakh Zanskar region, make sure to visit during July to be a part of Stongday Gustor festival.

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