Monsoon Season in Ladakh

Even though the months from July to September are considered to be the monsoon season in Ladakh, it receives extremely less rainfall, as it is located in a high altitude and rain shadow area. This is one of the reasons why Ladakh is a wonderful monsoon destination in India.

About Monsoon Season in Ladakh

Detailed info on Monsoon climate & weather info for Ladakh.


Monsoon in Ladakh (July to September, Temperature 10°C to 25°C)

The monsoon season in Ladakh starts from July and lasts till September, with the minimum temperature being 10 degrees celsius. Even though it’s the monsoon season, Ladakh receives very less rainfall, with whatever little rainfall it receives being in shorts bursts of heavy downpour, which is rare.

Most of the time, the skies are clear, the weather is pleasant and it’s a great time for sightseeing, adventure and other activities that Ladakh is famous for.

Best Places to Visit in Monsoon Season in Ladakh