Hemis Festival Ladakh

'Hemis' is a popular festival and it is a prominent celebration in Leh-Ladakh. Held every year in the famous Hemis Monastery, it is filled with rich, colourful and vibrant ambience. This two days festival celebrates the victory of good over evil; it is also the birth anniversary of the Tibetan Buddhism founder, Guru Padmasambhava who fought evil to safe guard his people. Joyously people exalt and rejoice to eradicate the bad presence around them. According to the Tibetan calendar, this festival is celebrated on lunar month's tenth day. And the dates are organised by the head Lama.

Throughout the festival the locals get dressed in their bright and colourful traditional attire. And the sacred masked dance is performed along with long horns, musical drums and cymbals. Hemis Festival is a must attend festival and it is joyously enjoyed by the tourists as well. During the festival, a lot of stalls filled with varieties of souvenirs and handicrafts are stored. You can shop and purchase a variety of products which can provide a memento from your trip. It certainly creates a colourful ambience; also an added feature in the festival is the presence of a funfair.

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