About Drass Tourism

Drass is a valley located in the Kargil district in the Union Territory of Ladakh. It lies on National Highway 1 (NH 1) between Zoji La & Kargil town, and is famously referred to as the Gateway to Ladakh.

For most people, their information about Drass begins & ends with it being the second coldest place in the world (the first being Siberia). However, there is more to Drass than just the bone chilling temperature.

Best Time to Visit Drass


Summer Season in Drass

The summer season in Drass, or the months from June to September, is the best time to visit it. The temperature during this time ranges between 23°C to 25°C.


Monsoon Season in Drass

Unlike the other parts of India, Drass does not receive much rainfall, as it is situated at such a high altitude.


Winter Season in Drass

Winter in Drass begins in mid September and extends till May. During this time, the average temperature is -23°C. The roads are closed down because of heavy snowfall, making Drass inaccessible during this time.

Best Places to Visit in Drass



Just a little ahead of Drass is Stagsboo where there are stone carvings on Maitreya & Avalokiteshvara.


Ningoor Masjid

An architectural masterpiece, since it has endured the harsh climate of the region for years.


Tiger Hill

Also known as Point 5062, it is one of the highest peaks in the Drass Kargil region & is visited during the Tiger Hill.


Drass War Memorial

It was built by the Indian Army to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives during the Kargil War.

Top Things to Do in Ladakh



Home to numerous treks, Ladakh is one of the best destinations in


Mountain Biking

The rugged trails and the winding roads are perfect for adventurers who enjoy mountain biking.


Peak Climbing

Ladakh is home to many mountain peaks, and is perfect for peak climbing.


River Rafting

Ladakh offers the opportunity to enjoy river rafting on its two important rivers, Zanskar and Indus


Jeep Safari

The adventure of jeep safari in Ladakh is both thrilling and comfortable at the same time.



Ladakh is unarguably, a photographer’s delight as it has multiple beautiful aspects to be covered by nature photographers, culture photographers.

How to Reach Drass


By Air

The nearest airport to Drass is Leh Airport, located at a distance of 215 kilometers. Srinagar Airport is located almost 225 kilometers.


By Train

Jammu Tawi is the nearest railway station to Drass, located almost 470 kilometers from Kargil.


By Bus

Drass is around 60 kilometers from Kargil, and 180 kilometers from Srinagar. Both of them are connected to it via National Highway (NH) 1.

Drass Travel Guide by Category

Accommodation Options in Drass

Drass does not have a lot of accommodation options. There is a guest house which offers a decent stay at a reasonable price. However, you will get more accommodation options in Kargil, which is located almost 1 hour 30 minutes away from Drass, in the form of 4 star, 3 star & budget hotels, including guest houses & bungalows.

We at TMI ensure that you receive the finest accommodation, since we are associated with the best hotels & resorts. You can also be sure of receiving the best deals & discounts at fair prices while booking your stay.

Top Things to Do in Drass

Drass is a haven for sightseeing lovers. Sightseeing in Drass includes not just exploring its spectacular natural beauty, but also the religious & holy sites which are a part of its landscape.

You can visit places like the Tiger Hill which offers panoramic views as well as the Drass War Memorial which reminds you of the sacrifices made by the Indian soldiers during the Kargil War.

Tourist Attractions in Drass

We must include the landscape of Drass as its top tourist attractions, since it is so beautiful, peaceful, meditative & intoxicating. There are sightseeing places like Tiger Hill & Gaoshan which is a famous picnic spot & consists of a polo ground.

History lovers will also like planning a trip to Drass, since there are historical sites which they can visit. These are Draupadi Kund, Bimbhet & Stagasboo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Drass located?

Drass Valley is located in the Kargil district in the Union Territory of Ladakh. It lies between Zoji La & Kargil Town & is referred to as the Gateway to Ladakh.

Q. How to go to Drass?

Drass is located around 60 kilometers from Kargil and 180 kilometers from Srinagar. Both of them are connected to it via National Highway 1.

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