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Negheriting Shiva Mandir Golaghat

Negheriting Shiva Doul is a famous Shiva Mandir in Dergaon district in Assam. It was built on top of a hillock and is a part of the Golaghat district. It was constructed during 8th-9th century by Kachari rulers but was destroyed due to natural calamities. It was reconstructed again the year 1687 by an Ahom king named Rajeswar Singha.

If myths are to be believed, the temple initially was constructed by using the stones from the bank of River Dihing. However, the temple was destroyed and its remains were found in a forest named Gajapenemara. It was reconstructed by Ahom King Susenphaa but River Dihing changed its course and destroyed the temple again. Later a devotee found Shiva linga and the ruins of the temple in the shallow waters of the river, a place now known as Sheetal Negheri. Rajeswar Singha later reconstructed the temple again and it still stands tall.

The main Shiva temple is surrounded by four other temples, each of Durga, Vishnu, Ganesh, and Surya. The main temple has a banalinga that is 3 feet in diameter.

Popular Things to Do and See in and Around

The Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary located 25 km from Golaghat is one of the places that you can visit. It has many hot springs and waterfalls and that is what attracts people the most. The Nambor sanctuary surrounds this place and has 51 rare species of orchid.

The Kaziranga National Park is also located nearby and is home to several species of animals and plants. Elephants, one-horned rhinos, leopards, leopard cats, clouded leopards, and tiger are some of the animals that you can find here. Deopahar ruins are famous in Golaghat and any local transport will take you to the place in few minutes.

Neghereting Shiv Mandir Golaghat, Assam

Getting There 

Negheriting Shiva mandir is located on the top of a hill and in order to reach this place you need reach Dergaon, the town first. From Furkating Railway Junction, you can avail rental cars to reach Dergaon, state buses also connect the place to Jorhat. National Highway 37 passes through Dergaon and the temple is only 1.5 km away from here. The bus stand has many auto rickshaws that can take you to the temple hillock.

Best Time to Visit

Winter is the best time to visit Negheriting Shiva Mandir. You can visit during Mahashivratri or Pradosham as well.

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