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Places to Eat in Bhutan

Lofty peaks, pristine valleys and mystical monasteries, no wonder, Bhutan is a soul seeker’s paradise. But, do you know, the beautiful Himalayan Kingdom has an interesting cuisine to offer which truly makes it a gastronome’s delight? Well, yes! The country, dotted with plenty of restaurants, cafes and eateries, makes for an exciting place to dine. Whether you are looking for a traditional Bhutanese meal, Indian food or a continental cuisine, you surely would have your tastebuds satiated in this “Land of Thunder Dragon”.

Places to Eat in Thimphu

Holidaying in Bhutan? What better place to start off on a culinary extravaganza than in the bustling capital, Thimphu. The only city in the country known for its active nightlife, Thimphu, also houses some of the kingdom’s best restaurants.

  • Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant: On a trip here, do visit the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant, which is popular amongst both locals and tourists for their traditional Bhutanese food prepared using the heirloom techniques. While they have an extensive menu boasting around 60 vegetarian and over 100 meat dishes, their buckwheat pancakes are a must try. Further, what accentuates a dining experience here, is an authentic seating around a low table with food served in traditional wooden bowls. 
  • Ambient Cafe: If you are someone looking to catch some taste of western flavours in Thimphu, check out the Ambient Café located on the buzzing street of Norzin Lam. A favourite amongst expats, it is known for its range of salads, sandwiches and freshly brewed coffees and teas.
  • Some other popular restaurants to explore in the city include the Bhutan Kitchen, Sinchula Indian Cuisine and Babesa Village Restaurant.

Places to Eat in Paro

The enchanting valley of Paro is yet another place in Bhutan where foodies would have the time of their lives.

  • Sonam Trophel: Embark on a food expedition here, by first visiting Sonam Trophel. A moderately priced restaurant, it serves “the best” Ema Datshi, Pork Momos and Thukpa in whole of Bhutan. And yes, they have Indian food too on their menu. 
  • Bukhari at Uma by COMO: For those seeking a fine dine fare in Paro, Bukhari at Uma by COMO is an exotic hotspot destination to savour a Bhutanese meal amidst opulent settings.
  • Olive Restaurant: The Olive Restaurant nestled in the picturesque ambience of Ngoba Village, just a few kilometers from the main city, is another must visit place offering a quiet time coupled with an unforgettable gourmet experience. Their speciality, Kewa Datshi, a curry made with potatoes and yak cheese, served with the staple red rice and watercress salad, is a beautiful western take on the local Bhutanese flavours.

Places to Eat in Punakha

Punakha also offers a great dining experience in Bhutan. The place may have handful places to eat but all of them boast to offer great experience of trying Bhutanese cuisine.

  • Lobesa Village Restaurant: Situated in a 3-star hotel in Punakha, Lobesa Village Restaurant is known for offering the authentic experience of eating in Bhutan. The restaurant serves a large variety of Bhutanese food, including the popular Ema Datshi.
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