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Popular Attractions To Visit in Pemagatshel

One of the many dzongkhags of Bhutan, Pemagatshel is a beautiful destination known for its dagger shaped mountain. There are many things to do in this district, which is mostly surrounded by nature. Here sits one of the holiest shrines, Yongla Goemba, which attracts pilgrims from across the country. Surrounded by coniferous forests, it is just perfect for tourists to indulge in activities like birding and hiking across many towns and villages. Amongst the various shrines, you can also visit the 15th century Kheri Goemba located 10 minutes from the town of Kher.


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Yongla Gompa

Situated atop a dagger-like mountain Pemagatshel, Yongla Goemba is one oldest and holiest shrines in eastern Bhutan.  ...