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Best Time to Visit Ravangla

Are you a mountain lover who yearns to eye-witness the splendor of the Greater Himalayas? If yes, then Ravangla is the ultimate place you should head out to. Being one of the most popular hill stations, it remains crowded with endless tourists. As this small town is situated in close proximity to the Himalayas, it features a cool climate throughout the year. If you plan to journey to this place, summer season is the ideal time to visit. The months of September, October and November also attract substantial tourists, as Ravangla is at its best during this time. Clear views of the snow-capped Himalayan Ranges and the beauty of the town blooming with rare flowers are few of the sights worth witnessing. Pang Lhabsol festival is also celebrated during these months, turning the small town into a hub of festivity.

Summer :

Summers in Ravangla, begin in the month of April and last till June. This season features perfect weather for visitors to soak in the beauty of this place. Temperature during this time hovers between 25° C to 15° C. There are chances of occasional showers, which make the weather a lot pleasing. If you are looking forward to an engaging sightseeing trip or thrilling outdoor activity, summer season is the best season to visit.

Monsoon :

The monsoon season spans from July and lasts till September, characterizing heavy rainfall and strong winds. Temperature in this seasons ranges between 17° C to 12° C. During this time rainfall is witnessed by the entire town, making outdoor activities a little difficult.

Winter :

Ravangla experiences winters starting from the month of October and ending in the month of March. The winters here are a bit severe, with temperature hovering between 3° C - 10° C. The days are cold and the nights are chilly.

Best Time to Visit Ravangla

During this season, Ravangla experiences consistent snowfall, with temperature dipping to sub-zero levels. Winter season is not a great time to visit this spot, visitors who still wish to travel to Ravangla during this time, for them heavy wollen clothes are a must.

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