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Odisha Cuisine in Odisha

Odisha has a simple yet unique cooking style that has its own identity and this makes it a major culinary tourism destination in the east India. Covered mostly with fertile plains and humid climate conditions, the state is a rice producer, and thus, cuisine of Odisha is mostly rice-based. The Odiya cuisine uses a combination of locally sourced vegetables, cereals, pulses, dairy products and seafood as well as it uses less spices and oil compared with the cuisines of other Indian states. Despite that, the recipes and cuisine is loaded with great taste, flavours and aromas.

Some of the popular rice dishes in Odisha are Khechidi that is cooked with rice, lentils and ghee; Palau that has vegetables, dry fruits and spices; sweet rice dish, Kanika prepared from dry fruits and ghee; Ghee rice, and Pakhala that is watered rice served with curd and stir-fried vegetables. Lentils dishes serve as a great accompaniment to rice and some lip-smacking famous lentil dishes include the vegetable and spice-laden Dalma, plain and simple Dali with a spicy tadka and delicious and flavourful Besara that has vegetables, lentils, amaranthus, mustard paste, and badi as its chief ingredients.

The state is famous for some delectable curries including Chaatu rai that is mushroom and mustard curry, Kadali manja rai that is a curry of banana plant stem and mustard, and Alu potala rosa prepared from potato and pointed gourd. Santula is a vegetable stew that is sauted with onion, garlic and green chilies. Khajuri khata, Amba khatta, Ouu khatta, dhania-patra and pudina-patra chutney are some of the renowned chutneys of the state that are condiments in Odishan cuisine. Dahi baigana, a dish of curd and brinjal is a great side dish that is notable for its tangy, tasty and sweet-sour flavour. Speaking of sweet, there are many desserts in Odisha ranging from cheese-based Chhena Poda to Chhena Jhili to Rasamalai to Chhena Gaja, and from flour-based Pheni to Jilapi to Malpua to Kheera Gaja, among others. Odisha is known for its pitha or indigenous cakes such as Poda Pitha, Arisha Pitha, Manda Pitha, Puri Pitha, Chakuli Pitha, and others.

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Popular Cuisines of Odisha

  • Khichdi

    One of the most popular dishes in Odisha, Khichdi is an Indian subcontinental food made up of rice and lentils. Served in many variants, this dish is the most favourable choice of offering in temples in Odisha.

  • Dalma

    A typical lentil dish originates from Odisha is Dalma. This mouth-watering dish in Odisha also includes vegetables and spices that give it a savoury taste like Sambhar.

  • Chungdi Malai

    Chungdi Malai is probably the most delicious seafood platter in the state. This non-vegetarian dish is a rich and thick prawn curry. Spices and coconut milk are the major ingredients that give this dish a tangy and creamy taste.

  • Pithas

    An indispensable dish that completes the Oriya cuisine is Pitha - a type of rice cake made of wheat or rice flour and stuffed by various savoury and sweet ingredients. With over 10 variants, this sweet dish in Odisha is a must on festivities and special occasions.

  • Malpua

    One of the oldest traditional desserts of India, Malpua in Odisha is a small deep fried pancakes soaked in a sugary syrup and served hot. It is one of the popular dishes of the region which is served to Lord Jagannath of Puri.

  • Chhena Jalebi

    Be ready to savour the taste of saccharine Chenna Jalebi while on an Odisha tour. Chhena Jalebis are bit different from the regular ones as they are more thick and heavy in size and also includes a special ingredient called Chhena, a fresh curd cheese.

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