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Waterfalls in Odisha

Primarily known for its vibrant cultural heritage, Odisha surprises visitors with various hues embedded in its diverse landscape. From overarching mountains to pristine lakes, this state offers an ensemble of tradition and terrain. Of the many attractions that are known to lure tourists here, the gushing waterfalls hold a rather special position owing to their natural yet charming beauty. Here exists few of the most alluring waterfalls of Odisha that you just cannot afford to miss when at this travel destination. Strategically nestled around the Simplipal National Park, Barehipani Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Odisha. Falling from an incredible height of 399 metres, the fall breaks into two visible tiers which ultimately ends to form a pool. The sight of this mystical outpouring of water from the cliff top is breathtaking enough. But its prime location also comes with the added bonus of catching a glimpse of the natural wildlife at the park adjacent to it. Badaghagara Waterfall is a perennial stream located in the lowly town of Kendhujar. The hike up to the summit of the dusty trail is not as cumbersome as other tracks, making it an enjoyable experience. The serrated topography is thus a major crowd-pleaser amidst nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and photographers.

But above all, this natural wonder offers an unruffled time in the lap of bountiful nature. Flowing from a whopping height of 175 meters, the Duduma Waterfall is a natural scenic attraction which is a sight for the eyes! Nestled between thick coverings of deciduous trees, the waterfall seems like a gateway to paradise. Regarded as the highest plunge of waterfalls in the Jeypore area, the picturesque locales at Duduma Waterfall are ideal for daylong trips and picnics where one can simply relax and enjoy the cascading water. Basked in the midst of mineral-rich forests, the Khandadhar Waterfalls gracefully plunges from a height of 225 metres. The sight of clear water trickling down the fall is best viewed from atop the mountain. The walk is fairly arduous and the rugged tracks make a veritable trekking base for all those adventure junkies out there. With lush green forests surrounding this mighty plunge, the falls make a magnificent picnic spot and tourist attraction, offering panoramic views and a fun-filled experience.

Explore Popular Waterfalls in Odisha

  • Badaghagara Waterfalls

    Make sure to spare a day on your Odisha vacation for this beaut attractions! The captivating settlement around 197 ft high Badaghagara Waterfalls makes it a perfect place to spend a day with family. Read more

  • Barehipani Waterfalls

    For those who want to make most of their Odisha tour, Barehipani Waterfalls is the best place for that. Being located in Simlipal National Park, this exquisite waterfall give tourists a cherishable experience of nature tour along with wildlife. Read more

  • Duduma Waterfalls

    A hidden treasure for nature lovers in Odisha is the compelling waterfalls of Duduma. Formed by the Machhakund River, this waterfall is a perfect site to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family amidst nature. Read more

  • Handibhanga Waterfalls

    Splashes down from a soaring height of 200 feet, Handibhanga Waterfalls creates a uniquely enthralling landscape for tourists to relish in. The exotic environs and tranquil ambiance makes it one of the must-visit waterfalls in East India. Read more

  • Harishankar Waterfalls

    Embracing the sublime beauty of Gandhamardan Hills in Odisha, Harishankar Waterfalls is a series of staggering falls cascading on the hill slopes. A visit to this popular tourism attraction proffers tourists an unforgettable vacation time. Read more

  • Khandadhar Waterfalls

    Esteemed as the 12th largest waterfalls in India, Khandadhar Waterfalls is undeniable a place worth checking out on a tour to Odisha. Located in the Sundergarh district, this nature’s masterpiece falls from the height of 244 m. Read more

  • Khanduala Waterfall

    Some 32 km from the enticing setting of Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary there is located the famous Khanduala Waterfall. This charming waterfall is one of the sought-after tourist places in the region. Read more

  • Pradhanpat Waterfalls

    Adding a grandeur to the exquisite greenery the place is adorned with, Pradhanpat Waterfalls can be found in the bucket list of any excursionist travelling Odisha. Read more

  • Putudi Waterfalls

    On the river Bada Saluki with pristine beauty and thick forests, Putudi Waterfalls is unique in its own way. Because of its sedating exquisiteness, the place is one of the best picnic spots in Odisha. Read more

  • Miriglotah Waterfall

    One of the lesser known waterfalls with untouched beauty, Miriglotah Waterfall is 111 km from Rourkela and is the perfect place to adore the concealed beauty of Odisha. Read more

  • Murga Mahadev Waterfall

    Come across as the most beautiful falls in the entire state of Odisha, Murga Mahadev Waterfall boasts a marvellous blend of rich natural beauty and tribal cultural heritage. Read more

  • Nrusinghanath Waterfall

    Relish the astonishing view of water cascading down from a particular height! Nrusinghanath Waterfall is one of the most talked-about falls in East India located on the northern side of Gandhamardan Hills. Read more

  • Phurli Jharan Waterfall

    Enclosed by resplendent green jungles, Phurli Jharan Waterfall is a treasure trove for all those seeking a nature-filled holiday in Odisha. While being here, don’t miss the chance to capture the exotic rainbow. Read more

  • Sanaghagara Waterfall

    An immaculate eco-tourist spot located just at a distance of 5 km is Sanaghagara Waterfall. Apart from being an ideal picnic site, this waterfall is also a popular trekking and camping site in Odisha. Read more

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