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Arts and Handicrafts in Odisha

Odisha boasts of opulent art and craft that can certainly win hearts. An important part of the states tourism, the art and craft of Odisha displays sound skills of the artisans and the influence of rich culture. From fine stone carving to traditional art of Pattachitra,

from carving of images in the sand to silver filigree to the internationally acclaimed applique, Odisha is one stop in India that is fit for any shopaholic or culture aficionado. The art and craft of Odisha is indeed a cultural heritage that brings one a step closer to this remarkable east Indian state.

Popular Arts and Handicrafts of Odisha

  • Pattachitra

    Believed to be originated in the early 12th-century, Pattachitra is an icon painting which makes it one of the most popular living art forms in India. People in Odisha can be seen practising it daily.

  • Sand Art

    Odisha excels in creating sculptures from sand. Evidently, Sand Art is one of the worldly-famous arts that resides here in Puri, Odisha. For the fact, the state also hosts an International Sand Art Festival.

  • Palm Leaf Paintings

    From the days when communication was done through writing, the Palm Leaf Painting or locally known as Talapatra Chitra is an ancient form of art in Odisha. This is one of the art forms in the state which are considered sacred.

  • Jhoti Chita, Muruja

    A traditional Oriya art which is presented on the floor and walls is Jhoti Chita. Extremely popular in the rural areas, Jhoti is different from line art and involves line art using a white coloured liquid paste of rice or pithau.

  • Horn Work

    The most popular art amongst all is Horn Work. A mystical artwork of Odisha, Horn Work showcases an impressive fashion design. In this art, Horns of Cows and Buffaloes are used to produce utility products like jewelry, ashtray, and comb.

  • Papier Mache

    Most of the arts in Odisha have worldwide acclamation and Papier Mache is one of them. The art is practised in almost every region of the state and involves the use of waste cloth, natural fibres, and papers.

  • Applique Work

    In the village of Pipli, there prevails a traditional art form - Applique Work. It is a complex form of art where one material is sewed to the other in order to make an enthralling decorative pattern.

  • Lacquer Work

    Lacquer Work is one of the famous tribal craft in India which is practised mainly by women. The impressive folk items like bangles, toys, and necklace are made by using this technique of art.

  • Bell Metal and Brass Handicrafts

    An important native art coming from the Kansari and Dhokra caste in Odisha, Ball Metal and Brass Handicraft is a popular folk art which produces various pieces of household items and decorations items.

  • Silver Filigree Work

    Probably the most unique and finest of all art forms in Odisha is Silver Filigree Work. This more than 500-year old art form is practised by local artisans mainly in Cuttack. Ornaments and decorative items are two main categories of this impressive artwork.

  • Stone Carving

    From very ancient times, the art of stone carving is prevailing in Odisha. It is one of the oldest forms of Oriya art which is practised in different parts of the state.

  • Textiles

    Odisha is famous for producing hand-woven textiles produced by skilful handloom weavers. Being a worldly-famous handicraft, textiles in Odisha produces clothes like Saree, Dhoti, and dress materials.

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