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Bhitarkanika National Park Odisha

Opaque mangroves, meandering water channels, gorgeous wildlife and surreal setting, this is what Bhitarkanika National Park is! Notified as a wildlife sanctuary in 1975 and further a national park in 1998, Bhitarkanika National Park is placed in the district of Kendrapara in the state of Odisha. Sprawls over 672 sq km of area, Bhitarkanika is a completed package of nature and wildlife. Bhitarkanika is one of the few national parks in India that give a chance to explore a wildlife through a boat top rides, just like those in Sundarbans. To enter the park, one has to take an entry permit from the entry points. The park has two entry points - Khola and Gupti. Being one of the most-visited wildlife sanctuaries in the state boasts a diverse flora which is flourishing with thick Mangrove forests and impressive fauna which include numerous wild creatures.

Flora and Fauna

Throughout the year a number of tourists mainly come here to catch a sight of saltwater crocodile which the park has in abundance and are also the star attractions of this place. Apart from the crocodiles, the park is also a prime habitat centre of several other species of animals including Indian python, black ibis, rhesus monkey, cobra, chital darter, monitor lizard, wild boar and olive ridley turtles, fishing cat, spotted deer, hyena, dolphin, porcupine, sambar, terrapin. As per 2014 survey, Bhitarkanika includes 1872 spotted deer, 1522 jackals, 305 common langurs, 1213 wild boars, 17 sambars, 10 foxes, 12 hyenas, and 7 wolfs. Not just for the nature crawlers or wildlife buffs, the national park is an eminent tourist attraction in Odisha also for bird lovers. The fauna of the place is flourishing with many migratory birds. Kingfisher, hornbill, woodpecker, brahminy seagull, tern, white-bellied sea eagle, bar-headed, and waders are some of the feathered creatures you can expect to see here at Bhitarkanika National Park. However, the flora of the park is made up of thick Mangrove forest, which sprawl in the whole region, indigo bush, casuarinas.

Safari Timing

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

Winter season (October to February) is the best time to visit Bhitarkanika National Park. During these months, the region receives a moderate temperature which remains favourable for tourism and as a result of this a larger chunk of tourists plan their trip to Bhitarkanika National Park in winter.

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