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Odisha is a treasure trove of a destination offering a visual feast for all nature lovers. This East Indian state is adorned with myriad marvels that keep multitudes of visitors coming back to relive enduring holiday memories. There is, however, a distinguishing feature that endows this cultural state - its shimmering must-visit lakes. With pristine waters and serene landscapes, the pristine yet popular lakes in Odisha are known to be major crowd-pleasers. Be it a haven for some peace and quiet time or a getaway to bask in the midst of nature's benevolence, the beautiful lakes in this heritage state are sure to whisk you off your feet and transport you to a world of sheer bliss. While each beautiful lake is renowned for its own aesthetics, the incredible Chilka Lake tops the charts. This stunning water body is the largest inland saltwater lake in the world. Home to some of the rarest species of migratory birds, its placid waters are ideal to catch a glimpse of this avian in action. But during your nature getaway, the showstopper worth observing is undoubtedly the Irrawaddy dolphin. Quietly set across the banks of river Mahanadi, Ansupa Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Odisha. The tranquillity and sheer serenity of the surroundings beckon nature lovers from far and wide.

For an adventurous experience, visitors are offered the opportunity to go boating and bird watching, a significant tourist attraction of this lake. It's a tourist destination that lets you immerse yourself into a tropical paradise. Built on the river Mahanadi, Hirakud Reservoir is an architectural marvel that stretches across a distance of 15 kilometres. Blessed with wildlife, this beautiful lake is a perfect window to spot some rare species of birds and wildlife. While boating here is typically not allowed, the embankment provides a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding environment. Also known as the Ocean Drop tank, this lake is said to hold holy waters from every holy river in the country. Strategically located around the Lingraj and Anantha Vasudev Temples, this beautiful lake attracts pilgrims from across the country. But if it isn't spiritual reflection that you seek then its scenic charm is sure to summon your visit to this nature getaway. Small yet stimulating, this lake is apt for all those in search of solitude and tranquillity. Situated in the heart of Khurda District, it is encircled by the Nandankaan Biological Park and Botanical Garden. Serving as a popular picnic spot and a perfect nature getaway, this tiny lake is apt for unwinding.

Explore Popular Lakes in Odisha

  • Chilika Lake

    Spread over in a sprawling area of 1100 sq km, Chilika Lake is known as India's largest coastal inlet and second largest in the entire world. This interesting fact itself is enough to lure a large chunk of tourists to this destination. Read more

  • Ansupa Lake

    Another tourist attraction in Cuttack is Ansupa Lake. This picturesque lake holds an unparalleled charm for all those nature lovers seeking an indelible holiday experience in Odisha. Read more

  • Hirakud Dam

    Longest earthen dam in India, Hirakud Dam is built across the River Mahanadi. Not just this, this enthralling dam also forms the largest artificial lake in Asia from horizon to horizon. Read more

  • Indravati Dam

    Probably one of the most sought-after tourism places in Odisha to relish the pristine views of sun-kissed valleys and dense forests along with the sedating sound of azure water of Indravati river flowing in the backdrop. Read more

  • Kolab Dam

    A perfect weekend stopover, Kolab Dam is a scenic attraction located some 18 km from Jeypore. Boating is one of the major attractions of the place along with an exotic surrounding that lures a number of people to this place. Read more

  • Pata Lake

    Located in the Chatrapur town of the state Odisha, Pata Lake is a sweet water stretch and one of the most beautiful lakes in Odisha. This 4 km and 500 m wide lake is an eminent tourist place in the state. Read more

  • Upper Jonk

    Spend some time at the beautiful setting of Upper Jonk - a dam site. Encompassed by the stunning scenic beauty of green-clad hills, this dam is built across the river Jonk and is a perfect place to spend some quality while in Odisha. Read more

  • Rengali Reservoir

    Amidst the charming setting, Brahmani River shelters the iconic Rengali Reservoir in Odisha. The place boasts an ideal surrounding for tourists to relish some astounding nature's view. Read more

  • Kanjia Lake

    It won't be wrong to quote this place as the most beautiful lake of all those in Odisha. A spectacular wetland lying on the south of Mahanadi Delta, Kanjia is one such enthralling bird watching place in Odisha. Read more

  • Sorada Reservoir

    Catch the pulchritudinous sight of sunset at Sorada Reservoir that makes it one of the must-visit tourist places in Odisha. Among the various activities swimming, fishing, and boating is the most famous amongst tourists. Read more

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