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Tribes of Odisha

For some people, Odisha means the diversity it embodies which is cent percent true. This tourist destination which is known for many a reason is also known for sharing its land with 62 tribes that are 24% of the total population. These tribes serve as the soul of the state and are the ones who have till date their culture and tradition intact. Taking over the Eastern Ghats, these tribes are mostly tagged to the districts namely Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Deogarh, Dhenkanal, Angul, Jharsuguda, Sundargarh, Kandhamal and more. While the Kondh and Santal tribes are the most widespread in Odisha, other tribes like Munda, Oram, and Gond also have a major impact on the state.

These popular tribes of Odisha mainly survive on agriculture, fishing, farming, hunting and gathering all of which is characterised as subsistence economy. However, with the changing time, some of them made their way to the mining and industrial belts of the state. Other famous tribes of Odisha like Koya, Mohali, and Loharas are specialised in jobs like cattle breeding, tool making, and basket weaving. Besides, a sightseeing tour to the Tribal Museum in Odisha makes people come close with the traditions and culture of these tribes, their way of living, how they portray their uniqueness in the form of their costumes and more.

Popular Tribes of Odisha

  • Kondh

    Kond is one of the largest tribe in Odisha who worship hills, nature, and streams. The people of Kondh tribe have an essential knowledge of the mountains, trees, forest, and plants.

  • Sauras

    Sauras is one of the ancient tribes in India that also find their mention in the Hindu epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The tribe has a unique shamanic culture and its people are the great craftsman of Saura paintings.

  • Bonda

    One of the countrys primitive tribes living in the quaint hills in Malkangiri district, Odisha. The unique culture, enthralling customs, and typical attire make Bonda the most popular tribal community in the state.

  • Santhals

    The great fighters during British regime in India and also most fun-loving ones are the people of the third largest tribe of India - Santhal. Music and dance are activities which are loved the most by Santhals.

  • Gonds

    A warrior tribe that resides in the hills of Koraput, Balangir, Sunderbagh, Kalahandi, and Sambalpur is Gonda. Not just Indias but Gond is one of the largest tribes in South Asia.

  • Bhumias

    Esteemed as the most-celebrated tribes in the state, Bhumia tribe is rich in tradition and culture. The unique marriage trends and peculiar rituals make Bhumia a must-visit tribe in India.

  • Oraons

    Considered as the most progressive and developed tribes amongst all mentioned in the list, Oraons are mastered in tea plantation. Today, many of the Oraon people are shifted to Indian metro cities.

  • Koyas

    Amongst the more than 60 Odishas tribes, Koyas is one of the top tribes with rich ancient tradition, culture, art, and customs. Apart from Malkangiri, Odisha, the chivalrous people of Koya tribes also resides in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

  • Parajas

    Devotees of numerous gods and goddess, the Prajas are the inhabitants of forests and hills. The people of this beautiful community have a different passion and love for music and dance and are mainly agriculturists.

  • Gadava

    Said to be the oldest and ancient tribe in Odisha that traces its history from Ramayana era is Gadava. It is also the most colourful tribe that sustain their livelihood through agriculture, hunting, and fishing.

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