Top Tourist Attractions in Gondia

When it comes to attractions in Gondia, there are hardly any good options. But one can find many places to visit around the city like wildlife reserves, dams, temples, caves and lakes that often remain thronged with nature lovers who wishes to slip into serenity. The perfect places to visit for families and couples, all these attractions have something exciting things to do, see and experience

There's something to see for everyone - leisure walks for the romantic, caves for the adventurous, and a beautiful assortment of flora and fauna for people of all age group. Around Gondia, there are many caves that are a treat for all adventure seekers who would like to indulge in caving and spelunking. Darekasa Caves, located in the village known by the same name is a group of man-made caves that have been carved out of a single rock.

Kachargadh Caves are more than 25000 years old and one of the best places to visit in Gondia. If one loves the idea of trekking, then this is something that one shouldn't miss.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, a well-maintained sanctuary nearby, is one of the many reasons why Gondia is emerging as top holiday places in Maharashtra. Navegaon National Park is another popular tourist attraction here with numerous animal and birds species. Make sure your travel guide includes Pench Tiger Reserve, which is home to different animal and bird species apart from the majestic felines. Located around 85 km from Gondia city, another attraction that one must visit is the Norgying Tibetan Centre, where the art of carpet weaving can be seen. There are many other tourism places like Hajra falls and many others and make sure you visit all.

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