Garmata Devi Temple Gondia

Sacred to Garmata Devi, the incarnation of goddess Shakti, Garmata Devi Temple of Salekasa is a must visit for the spiritually thirsty souls. The temple is located on the top of a hill amidst the dense forest. A statue of the main temple deity - Garmata Devi - is two and a half feet high, and is seating position. The temple often remains thronged with tourists, especially during the Navratri festival, as it is believed to be a wish-fulfilling temple.

History of the attraction

The temple is a part of the Salekasa village, which used to have only 20-25 huts, and was mainly occupied by cowboys. After a few days, people found a divine statue of a Goddess on the hills. She was named "Garmata Devi" by natives. Since the statue was found on the hill, the temple got its name - Garmata Devi Temple.

Things to Do & See in and around

When in Garmata Devi Temple, one can also go out to explore Chulbandh Dam, Mando Devi Temple, Navegaon Dam (Lake), and Hajara Falls


Salekasa, Gondia, Maharashtra, India

How to reach

Garmata Devi Temple is 26 kilometer from Gondia city; one can reach here by taking a car or bus.

Garmata Devi Temple Gondia

Entry Fee

No entry fee

Best time to Visit

Best time to visit the temple would be the Navratri festival; during which a special pooja and multiple religious activities take place at the temple.

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