Chulbandh Dam Gondia

When in Gondia, start your day afresh with an early morning visit to Chulbandh Dam. Located across the Chulbandh river, Chulbandh dam is an ideal place to enjoy the natural surrounding. The dam has a total storage capacity of 21,452 cubic meters, and is approximately 465 m long and 22.08 m high. Scenic landscapes, lush greenery, and absolute serenity will transport you to an unworldly environment. Make a point to go for a long walk on the pathway along the dam.

Things to Do & See in and around

As such there's nothing exciting thing to do around the Chulbandh Dam but one can definitely go a long walk along the dam or even go or picnic with family.


Chulbandh River, Near Goregaon, Gondia, India

How to reach

28 kilometers from Gondia, one can reach Chulbandh Dam by taking a bus or taxi.

Chulbandh Dam Gondia

Best time to Visit

Monsoon and Winter

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