Nagra Shiv Temple Gondia

Discovered at the village of Shenda in Gondia by archaeologist Dr. Manohar Naranje belonging to the Eastern Vidarbha back in the year 2012- Nagra Shiv Temple dates back its existence to the late 15th Century. Styled in Hemadpanthi, this temple is believed to have inherited the name from Lord Nagraj.

A craftsmanship of sheer brilliance, Nagra Shiv Temple consists of 16 pillars sans joints and is home to several other temples of Lord Hanuman, Goddess Parvati and sundry. Beautifully structured with bricks, Nagra Shiv Temple houses the celebrated Shiva lingam made of pure graphite. According to the archaeologist, the Shiv Temple is said to have been the property of the Wakatak reining the land some 1500 years back.

The staunch believer of Shiva sect- Wakataks crafted the 52 cm Shiva Lingam in an obscure yellow stone of graphite on a 34 cm platform. The Brahmasutra inscribed temple shelters a 75 cm vintage well within its complex that is encompassed with eastern rings.

History of the Temple

Said to have been established by the Wakataks of the late 250 AD, this temple of Lord Shiva is the third discovered temple in Gondia. Initially a village inhabited by the tribal people- Shenda Village is site to another Shiv Temple at the base of a small hill founded by the Wakataks itself.

The 75 cm deep ringed well within the temple complex used to overflow with water during the reign of the Wakataks presently offers you with 25 of the remaining earthen rings.

Getting There

Situated in the tehsil of Sadak Arjuni at Gondia- Shenda village can be reached if one chooses to avail the Public Bus Service plying from Gondia itself.

Khodseoni Railway Station and Gongle Railway Stations are the nearest if you plan to reach Shenda via rail. However, Nagpur Railway station is the primal railway that is fixed some 125 kilometers from Gondia. On getting down at one of these railway stations you can take a bus to the Shenda Village.

Temple TImings

6.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Entry Fee

This temple does not have any entry fee and thus allows a free pass to all its visitors.

Nagra Shiv Temple Gondia

Things to Do & See in and around

The perfect place to experience the crafted exquisiteness of the Wakatak dynasty – Nagra Shiv Temple helps you to sight the brilliant architectural delights from the late 250 AD. You can offer your prayers to the celebrated lingam of Shiva or simply get lost in the glory of vintage-ism.

Besides, you can choose to take a sojourn at the Shenda village to explore the rural life and click some amazing images of the hamlets.

Best time to Visit

The temple hosts a grand fair on the occasion of Shivratri on March/April. Teeming with a joyful bunch of worshippers and visitors from all corners of India and bedecked in a huge galore of lights and pomp- Nagra Shiv Temple comes alive during this time of the year when the festive mood in the village adds to all the missing fun.

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