Top Tourist Attractions in Bhandardara

The epitomizer of unscathed beauty, Bhandardara is home to scads of top sightseeing places that have all carved a niche for themselves amidst million other tourist spots in India and seeks your attention for the peace of mind it gifts you with upon the visit. Bhandardara offers you with a poised ambience complimented with an unruffled weather it strongly holds out throughout the year.

The spectacular Umbrella Falls to begin with, hypnotizes most visitors for the raging waters cascading onto the rocks underneath, forming the shape of an umbrella. The dainty bridge connecting the river of Pravara allows the inquisitive visitors to have a close look into the Wilson Dam that is stationed above. Trekking to the beautiful Ratangad Fort that dwells here is one amongst the many things to do when in Bhandardara along with paying a visit to the Fireflies camp in the area of Purushwadi. The abode of innumerable caves and reservoirs, Ratangad Fort which dates its origin to the historical times of Shivaji demands all your awe. Next up is Anandvan Resort perched on a hill with an elevated height of 2800ft above sea level that reins a glorious view of the even tempered lakes and the surrounding proud hills.

Mount Kalsubai gets enlisted as the popular tourist attraction in Bhandardara. The highest peak with a wondrous height of 1646 meters, earns fame for being the most celebrated peak amongst the trekkers. When at the top, you can sink in all your stress and chaos of mind in the unperturbed ambience that eclipses you.

While in Bhandardara, a trip to Sandhan Valley, Ghatghar, Arthur Lake, Randha Falls is a must for they are one of their kind. The Agasthya Rishi Ashram at Bhandardara alludes at epic text of Ramayana. Bhandardara is a mixed-bag when it comes to various tourism places, from resorts to lakes, hills to villages and from temples to forts, the place has it all.

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