Randha Falls Bhandardara

With a height of 170 feet, Randha falls, the third largest in Maharashtra, is quite renowned for being the main source of hydropower. Make a point to go few steps down to the pond of the waterfall, and reward yourself with an exquisite dip. If not swimming then savor the view the milky white water gushing down in full vigor through the craggy landscapes. Don't forget to try some snacks from the nearby shacks.

Getting There

Roads to Randha Falls are smooth and wide but if traveling by personal car then be little cautious as they might be slippers during winter, and monsoon due to fog, and rain, respectively. If not personal car than take a bus to reach here.

Things to Do & See in and around:

One can visit the famous waterfalls that are close to Randha Falls like Arthur Lake and Umbrella Falls. Also consider a visit to the Ghorpada Devi Temple, located quite close to the waterfall.

Randha Falls Bhandardara Maharashtra

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