Umbrella Falls Bhandardara

Amidst the luscious and greener Sahyadri Hills - Umbrella Falls is a sparkling cascade getting down from a height of 500 feet, best observed from a footbridge that connects the falls and dam, especially during monsoon. The reason why it is called Umbrella is because of its location, under the Wilson Dam, and the force by which the water falls on the naturally placed rocks that give an impression of an umbrella. Apart from being a tourists attractions, the waterfall is a prominent source to generate electricity.


Old Wilson Dam, Ahmednagar, India

Getting There

Umbrella Falls is located close to the iconic Arthur Lake of Bhandardara; spotting it is quite easily. One can hire a taxi or take personal car to reach the waterfall.

Things to Do & See in and around:

Around the umbrella falls, do visit the Arthur Lake to enjoy a relaxing boat ride. Or go to its counterpart - Randha Falls to see the view of the falls pouring down from the mountains.

Umbrella Falls Bhandardara Maharashtra

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