Tikona Fort Maharashtra

Tikona Fort, also famous as ‘Vitandgad Fort’, is a triangular hill fort located near Kamshet which is 18 km from Lonavala. Perched on a high hill, the fort is a trekking destination. Though, not much is known about the history, the fort was conquered by Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah I of the Nizam Shahi dynasty in 1585 and annexed it to the Nizam territory. In 1657, Shivaji Maharaj became the ruler of the whole Konkan region, and thus, brought Tikona along with the forts of Karnala, Lohgad, Mahuli, Songad, Tala, and Visapur. The strategic location of the fort made it a watch tower for the entire Pawana Mawal (Panmala) region. Later, Dhamale family ‘Deshmukhs’ from Maval Region became in charge of the security of the fort in 1660. It takes not more than one day to trek to this fort, dig into its history and admire the stunning views from it.

What To Do And See

The places that can be covered on your visit to the fort are Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Seven Water Tanks, Shakti Sai Baba Mandir, Taljai Temple and Satvahan caves. One can also relish the views of Pawna dam and the nearby forts of Tung, Lohgad and Visapur.

Getting Here

From Lonavala, the fort is 18 km away. It is a one hour trek, once you reach the base village i.e Tikona-Peth where you can reach by cab or auto.

Tikona Fort Maharashtra

Best Time To Visit

Monsoon from June to September is of course the best time to visit Tikona Fort, when the hill covers with greenery and the cool air rejuvenates you throughout the trek.

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