Best Time to Visit Solapur

Solapur is one of the important cities of Maharashtra, in term of tourism as well as industrialization and commercialization. So, it is vital to have knowledge about the weather conditions of this city. Winter is the best time to visit Solapur. During the winter seasons, the temperature is just ideal for tourists to enjoy sightseeing across the city. So if you are planning your next winter vacation, you can consider a visit to this historical and religious city of Solapur.


Summer in Solapur is supposed to be very humid and temperature is generally very hot. Thus unless it is a necessity, it is best to avoid visiting Solapur during the summer season. Summer begins from the month of March and continues till May. Temperature can even rise up to 45 degree Celsius during the summer time.


Summer is followed by heavy rainfall and signifies the beginning of monsoon. June to September are the monsoon months.


Winter season brings pleasant weather conditions to Solapur. The weather condition from the month of October to March, which signifies the beginning and end of winter, is very comfortable and this is the best time to explore the city. The temperature remains comfortable ranging from 18 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Solapur

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