Solapur Qila Maharashtra

Also known as Bhuikot Killa because of its location on a battle ground, Solapur Qila is the center of attraction of Solapur city. The history of the temple dates back to the 14th century. One can easily figure out the relevance of the temple from its grand architecture. Currently, it has an animal park, which has houses several rabbits, ducks and peacocks and monkeys, amongst few other animals. Earlier, the fort was completely in ruins but it has been brought back to glory, and a couple of gardens are also added. Bhuikot Fort is a good spot for family picnics as there are some amusement options for children present here.


In the 14th century, the Bahamani dynasty built this temple. Later, it was taken over by Aurangzeb, which was his home between 1685-86 AD. Also, the fort was once the abode of Bajirao - 2.

Getting There

To reach the Solapur Fort, local transports are easily available. Tourists can either take a bus or local taxis. The temple is located quite close to Sidheshwar temple area.

Things to Do & See in and around

Exploring the fort would take only 2-3 hours. If having extra time at disposal, do visit the Siddheshwar Temple, and the Siddheshwar lake.

Solapur Qila Maharashtra

Opening/Closing Timings

08:00 AM to 06:30 PM, Open all days

Best time to Visit

October to February (winter)

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