Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary Solapur

Barren, deserted yet extremely beautiful - Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is one of those exclusive places in India which is the home to the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary. The Bustard sanctuary, established in 1979, is spread across an original area of 8,469 sq kms. This vast grassland attracts a few migratory birds, along with the Great Indian Bustard. Also, the sanctuary has a good population of Blackbuck, Wolf, Indian Fox, Jackal, etc.

Unlike other bird sanctuaries, tourists are not allowed to move around freely in the core area of Nannaj. The entry is possible only till the hut, which is 100 meters from the gate.This space provides a perfect hiding place to observe birds and animals without disturbing their peace. There is also a watch tower near the gate. If tourists want to spend a few hours in the sanctuary, stock up enough water and snacks.

History of the Sanctuary

Maharashtra's Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is one of the places in India where one can spot the gigantic, and enormously beautiful Indian bustards (Ardeotis nigriceps). The sanctuary happens to be discovered by Mr. B.S.Kulkarni in 1972. In 1979, the Government of Maharashtra declared Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary as a wildlife reserve with the sole objective of conserving the rarest species of Great Indian Bustard which are endangered with extinction. Even late Dr. Salim Moizzudin Abdul Ali, India's best-known ornithologist, paid a visit here for some research. Many efforts are been made by the famous ornithologist, and bird lovers for the protection of the park.

Flora & Fauna

  • Major Floral Species - Neem, Sissoo, Babul, Bor, Tarwad, Henkal, Dongri, Kusali Pavanya, Sheda, Marvel
  • Major Fauna Species - The Great Indian Bustard, Blackbuck, Wolf, Indian Fox, Jackal
  • Birds - Indian Bushlark, Shrikes, Bush Quails,Buzzards, Francolins, Doves, Babblers, and Owls

Where to Stay?

Forest Rest Houses at Solapur is the best place to stay in Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary Solapur Maharashtra

Getting There

Nannaj is 22 kilometers from Solapur, which is easily approachable by a cab or bus. Solapur itself is a major rail head on the Mumbai-Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore line so has excellent rail connections.

Best time to Visit


Safari Timing

As such, there's no safari facility is provided by the forest authority. But tourists can take their personal vehicle inside the park to enjoy the safari.

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