Tourist Attractions in Ramtek

The perfect concourse of history, fidelity and literature, Ramtek boasts rich variety of sightseeing places that it has to offer to the multitude of tourists who flock to this place. Fixed few kilometers away from the famous city of Nagpur, Ramtek vaunts of pre-historic traditions and the tales of heroism.

The serene Khandsi Lake wrapped in the charming ambiance coupled with the luxurious display of flora and fauna heightens the beauty of Ramtek besides offering some pleasant boat rides, recreation zone for all age groups and culinary delights to the tourists. Thus finding its mention in the things-to-do list. In addition to this, Deolapar stationed a few kilometers away from Ramtek is the most renowned institution which is solely devoted to the conservation and well- being of cows, this place has gained much of its eminence after the popularization of science dealing with cow-breeding.

The much celebrated Ram Temple which dates its origin some 600 years back and the famous Shantinath Atishaya Kshetra which praises the magnificent paintings and engravings are some of the top sightseeing places. The bewitching edifice solely belonging to the much celebrated Kalidasa is adorned in the way of Meghadoot paintings done by him.

The symmetrical, oversimplified yet intriguing memorial of the great poet helps in making it to best places to see in Ramtek list, besides this, the Tiger Sanctuary which insists travellers to frequent the place should not be given a miss.

The mighty Sitabuldi Fort which swanks for being the site of the famous Sitabuldi battle is surely one of the most popular tourism attractions near Ramtek. Besides this, the Kapoor Baoli is one of the step wells and vintage temples that dates back to some 1200 years if the information by the locals is to be believed. The Shantinath Digambar Temple whose establishment revolves around the deity of Tirthankar Shantinath which as the legends has it, emanated from the ground some 500 years back finds its way into the holiday places list of Ramtek.

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