Poet Kalidas Memorial Ramtek

Fittingly, there's a touch of period drama about the former abode of Kalidas. This appealing brown brick home is claimed to be the place where Kalidas wrote his legendary novel - Meghadootam. The highlight of the museum include paintings portraying scenes from the plays of Kalidasa. The memorial is located on the top of the hill, besides the temple complex. Also worth visiting is a Jain temple at the base of the hill, and a mosque on the opposite hill.

Getting There

So as to reach here conveniently, one can take a bus, taxi or an auto rickshaw from anywhere in the city. Auto rickshaws in Nagpur can not run on meter and the basic fare is Rs 15 for the first two kilometers and 8 INR for every additional kilometer travelled

Poet Kalidas Memorial Ramtek Maharashtra

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