Tourist Attractions in Matheran

A couple of hours from Mumbai will take you to a dreamy land of misty hills, wispy clouds, dense woodlands and unknown trekking routes- a world in itself, Matheran. This hill station is an abode of bliss and is nature- kissed and is indeed one of the best holiday places in Maharashtra. An unbelievable 38 sunset and sunrise points abound in Matheran. These are top sightseeing places, in the verdant surroundings with an air of bygone days in its red roads. Panorama Point offers a 360° view of the area as well as a peek in to the town of Neral which offers connectivity to Matheran.

Some of the best places to visit in Matheran are, Prabal Fort, situated at the crest of the Prabal Hills. It is believed that the fort had two gateways and eleven towers. Unfriendly fights in 1818 destroyed these gateways, and presently only four towers remain. Surrounded by astonishing landscapes, this is a heritage site and one of the popular tourist attractions of the region. One can watch this fort from many viewpoints of Matheran along with Little Chowk and Louisa Points. In order to visit the best holiday places on your tour a travel guide provided by us at Tour My India will be of service.

Alexander point is a scenic landmark in Matheran that opens up to beautiful views of Lake Palasdari. Trekking is one of the popular things to do here. The pretty view of the village of Borgaon as you go downhill will mesmerize you. Delight in orange sunrises and vermilion sunsets from different vantage points. The dust red roads bordered by thickets of tall trees and plump short bushes are a relief for trekkers.

Serene Charlotte Lake built in 1956 is lush, green and an elegant spot. It looks splendid with full waters in the Monsoon with domestic fauna flying over it to add to its beauty. Pisarnath dedicated to the village deity is an ancient temple located to the right of this lake.

Shivaji’s Ladder is a link from One Tree Hill Point to the Matheran Valley, shaped in the form of steps of a ladder. These are only a few of the treasures. Visit Matheran with our dedicated service and partake of an unforgettable trip.

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