Porcupine Point Matheran

Barely 2 kilometers away from the railway station of Matheran, Porcupine Point, commonly known as the sunset point, is just the right place where one can breathe, and feel the fresh air. The place owes its name to the shape of the place, which bears a strong resemblance to the shape of a bird called Porcupine. It is also known as the sunset point as the view of the sunset and sunrise from here is hard to find anywhere else in Matheran. Along with the captivating view of the sun playing hide and seek with the mountains in the cloud racing sky, the point is quite renowned for a unparallel view of Prabalgad Fort. And Cathedral Rock, positioned here, is an additional attraction.

Getting There

Porcupine Point is two kilometers away from the Matheran Railway Station. Apart from walking or horseback, there's no other way to reach this place.

Porcupine Point | Sunset Point in Matheran

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