Monkey Point Matheran

Owing its name to the presence of so many monkeys in the region - Monkey Point is a magnificent place to visit in Matheran for sightseeing tour. The place offers the mesmerising views of the mountain trails of the western ghats. One who visits here has to be a little careful with the gangs of the playful monkeys who might deftly pull soda out of your hands and food out of your bags. And sometime spectacles and cameras too, is some out of them are keen into photography.

The Monkey points is set at the top of the cliff carpeted with lush greenery, and also serve as the amazing echo experience, which can be fun with kids, family and friends. The weather here is very pleasant during most of the part of the year, but specially from July to February, when the place charms you with the views of the cheerful waterfalls striding down the cliff. And thus provide, some of the beautiful sceneries to be captured into your camera lenses.

Getting There

Once you reach Karjat by a train from CST, take a shared cab / bus to reach Neral. From where you can travel on a horseback to finally reach Matheran. Monkey Point is just three kilometers from the post office, that can be covered on foot, enjoying the surrounding beauty and pleasant weather. Do not forget to grab a hot roasted corn on the way which will perfectly complement with the cold weather.

Monkey Point Matheran Maharashtra

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