Panorama Point Matheran

Matheran is brimming with the panoramic viewpoints that offer the view of the rock-strewn landscapes. Amongst all of these, the Panorama Point is quite worth of attention mainly for it's stunning and astonishing 360-degree view of the stunning surroundings. Moreover, it is tranquil, and peaceful, which further adds to the beauty of the place. In short - it's just the perfect place to rekindle romanticism or enjoy some family time. Peb Fort, Chanderi, Jagged peaks of Mhas - Mal, Navara - Navari can be seen easily from here. In the background, also there is a Prabal fort. Don’t forget to behold the view of the sun playing hide and seek with the mountains.

Getting There

Tourists will have to walk a lot to reach; it will be strenuous but the view of the mountains is worth all the efforts.

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