Kavalshet Point Amboli

Take a drive up to the Kavlesad point to see the breathtaking view of the endless valleys and small waterfalls. Out here, if you shout out your name, then it's sound will echo through the mountains. The best part about Kavlesad point is here you can see the reverse waterfall during the monsoon season. The reverse waterfall is an optical illusion, created when wild winds flow in the valley, and it looks like that the water is moving upwards.

Getting There

Kavleshet Point is approachable by bus or taxis, which are easily available from anywhere in the city.

Things to do & See in and around

With an exciting view, one can spend hours at the captivating Kavalshet Point. But, if one wants to explore more of nature at Amboli then do visit Amboli Falls, Shirgaonkar Point, Hiranyakeshi Temple, and sunset point.

Kavalshet Point Amboli Maharashtra

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