Waterfall Amboli

A captivating sightseeing point on the Nippani Sawantwadi Road, Amboli waterfall is a must stop on a trip to Amboli. At 400 ft high, the Amboli waterfall might not be the tallest but voluminous. This is because Amboli receives the highest rainfall in Maharashtra. The waterfall often remains thronged with tourists to take bath and see its scenic beauty.

Amboli waterfall is three kilometers away from the main bus stop. One can take a bus or taxi to reach there from anywhere in Amboli. The waterfall is close to the road but to reach its base, one will have to trek downhill.

Things to do & See in and around

Tourists can visit the Amboli Forest Park that is quite close the waterfall. Also, consider a visit to the scenic points like Mahadevgad point, and Kawalesaad Point.

Amboli Waterfall Maharashtra

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