Chaturshringi Temple Pune

One of the most famous temples in Pune, Chaturshringi Mountain is located on the top of a hill right on the Senapati Bapat Road. It is said to have been built during the reign of the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle. The presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Chaturshringi, also known as Goddess Ambareshwari. To reach the main sanctum of the temple, tourists will have to climb approximately 100 stairs but the view of the hill that one gets from the top is worth all the efforts.

History of the Temple

As per the legends, the temple was built by Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan, an ardent believer of Goddess Chaturshringi. One night, the goddess appeared in the dream of the Pitambardas Mahajan and indicated him to come to a mountain. He also dreamed that at the mountain, where the main idol of the temple is dug. Next day, he followed the dream where, and fortunately found a statue. A few days later, he built a temple at the same place where the statue was found.


Senapati Bapat Road, Chaturshrungi, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411016

Getting There

The buses and cabs are available only till the parking area. From the parking area, tourists will have to climb approximately 100 stairs so as to reach the main temple.

Opening/Closing Timings

06:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Chaturshringi Temple Pune Maharashtra

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit the temple will be during the festival celebration as this when one can see the temple in full pomp and show. Navratri, Holi, Chaitra Padwa, and Ganesh Chaturthi are the best time to visit the temple.

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