Best Time to Visit Trimbak

The quaint town of Trimbak offers end-point of temperatures throughout the year. The temperature infuriating during the summers and dropping to astonishingly lowest levels during winters urges the travelers to frequent the town from March to October when it experiences the most tranquil weather conditions thus adding succor and opulence to your trip.


Trimbak experiences unbearable Summers with temperatures raging up to 44 degree celcius. The oppressive weather condition during this season keeps away all the tourists.


This enthralling weather of monsoon heralds the onset of lashing downpour which brings in repose and an appeasement thus urging tourists to visit the place during this time of the year. The smell of the inundated earth followed by the pristine ambience that follows, coupled with dense nebula that choose to enshroud the surrounding hills thus sprucing up the pictorial view of the environment all adds up to the glamour and grandeur of the quaint town.


The temperature in winter ranges from 34 degree-7 degree celcius. Winter is always engaging with a hospitable climate condition persisting all through the season which in turn enhances the beauty of the town which gets a touch of glamour with the onset of winter.

Best Time to Visit Trimbak

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