Gorakhnath Gufa Trimbak

Located on the Brahmagiri Hill next to Goddess Ganga temple, Gorakh Cave is a must visit in Trimbakeshwar. The temple is prominent because it is the place where Guru Gorakhnath performed penance. Besides, it is prominent for the beautiful carvings that adorn the walls. Pilgrims and devotees travel all the way to spend time at the Gufa and undergo penance for sins they committed during their lifetime.


Brahmagiri Hills | Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, India

Getting There

From Trimbakeshwar starting trekking 750 steps on Brahmagiri hills, and then start the walk on another hill to reach the place. Or take an auto from the base of the hill, and then again walk for 200 steps.

Gorakhnath Gufa Trimbak Maharashtra

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