Kushavarta Kund Trimbak

The point of Godavari River origination, Kushavarta Kund is a sacred bathing place that is close to the Trimbakeshwar temple. Taking a holy dip in the Kushavarta kund as legends says it can wipe off sin. Cemented pavements on the edges of the pond were built by Shreemant Rao Sahib Parnekar. It has six corners, which gives this place another name - Teerthraj. And on every corner, there is a temple. Temple of Kedareshwar Mahadev is on the Southeast corner. To the southwest is Sakshi Vinayak. Close to it is Kusheshwar Mahadev. Also, here one can see a Godavari Temple.

Things to Do in around

On every corner of Kushavarta Kund, one can find worth visit temples like Ganga Mandir, Jwareshwar Mahadev, and Kancheshwar. Don't forget to see the statues of 30 deities including of Dash Avatar. As per one the mythological records, all these deities were ordered by Lord Shiva to stay here during the period of Simhastha Parva so as to wipe off their sins.

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