Ram Lakshman Tirtha Trimbak

Believed to be built in 1857 by the Gopalrao Ghanekar, Ram Lakshman Tirtha is the place where Lord Ram, and Lakshman performed Shraddha (rituals for the salvation of the souls) of his father Dasharatha. To mark this event, a temple was built at the same place. The temple is located in close proximity to the Gorakh Gumpha, the same place where Guru Gorakhnath practiced penance for removing the sin of killing a cow. Close to the temple, there's a big Audumbar tree, from the base of which tributary of River Ganga flows.


It is said that close to the temple, Lord Ram and Lakshman visited this place to perform the rituals of a Shraddha to help free the soul of his father Dasharatha. And that's perhaps the reason why the temple got its name - Ram Lakshman Tirtha.

Getting There

One can reach here while climbing down from Gorakh Gumpha. If not trekking, take an auto-rickshaw from the base of the hill.

Ram Lakshman Tirtha Trimbak Maharashtra

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