Best Time to Visit Gondia

If you are planning to visit Gondia, make sure that you visit during October - February as the weather is cooler as compared to other parts of the year. You will enjoy exploring the lakes and forests. The Navegaon bird sanctuary is filled with migratory birds during this time and bird watching becomes a favourite pastime for the wildlife enthusiasts here.


There is nothing called winter in Gondia. Temperatures are a bit low (average 29 ° C) during the period Nov - Feb and this is the best time to visit this place.


It is generally hot in Gondia throughout the year but the summer begins from late February and continues until September end. The average temperature during this time is around 38° C. August is cooler than the other months.


Rainfall is not high in this part of Maharashtra. The months of July and August, however, receives decent rainfall with the average being around 18 mm.

Best Time to Visit Gondia

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