Best Time to Visit Bhandardara

Embedded in unscathed nature, Bhandardara’s pulchritude is best seen in the months of monsoon that begin from June and stays up till September. The enchanting beauty of the place simply augments your senses and thrills you to the core if visited during the monsoons, though it is suitable to visit all throughout the year.


With temperatures falling to almost 10 degree Celsius during the winters, Bhandadara’s splendor makes way to hundreds and thousands of tourists who come to soak themselves in the warmth of nature and its irresistibility during this season when the crisp and numbing breeze adds on to the glamour of the place. This celebrated season of winter persists from the month of November and lasts till February.


To begin with, summers are not that appealing in Bhandardara, though tourists mostly flock to the place during this season. The hot and clammy weather makes it too uncomfortable to roam or enjoy the untouched beauty of nature. The season persists from March and continues till May and rises to a peak temperature of 40 degree Celsius.


Come Monsoon and Bhandardara unfurls the spellbinding charm of the tranquility that it epitomizes. Beginning from the month of June and ending in September, monsoon is the best season when you can choose to pay a visit to the place without having to fret about the dankness and heat.

Best Time to Visit Bhandardara

The pristine ambience during this season complimented with the nippy winds, the smell of the doused earth and heavy downpour, all enable the tourists to enjoy the place to the core.

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