Best Time to Visit Akola

Akola, situated about 286 mts above mean sea level, is mostly warm and pleasant throughout the year. Experiencing a tropical savanna climate, the annual temperatures can rise up to 47.6 °C (117.68 °F) and as low as 2.2 °C (35.96 °F).


Akola has its winters from October and the best time to visit this city starts from this month till February, when the climate is truly enjoyable. However, since the minimum recorded temperature in this region has dropped to 2 degree centigrade during winters, do carry sufficient warm clothes to enjoy your stay in Akola during winters.


The city lies on the Tropic of Cancer and summers are extremely hot, especially May. The three months of March to May stands unbearably hot.


The average annual rainfall is around 800 mm and the monsoons set in between June and September. Akola has many rivers criss-crossing its geography like Morna River, Vann River, Aas River and Shahnur River, Katepurna and Uma rivers. The district also faced disastrous floods in the years of 1978, 1992, and 2003.

Best Time to Visit Akola

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