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Waterfalls in Kerala

From breathtaking backwater to picturesque jungles and a vast landscape that includes sweeping mountain views and stunning waterfalls, Kerala provides one of the best locations in India for travellers to spend a holiday. Nature's beauty is all around Kerala, but perhaps the best example of nature's influence adding charm to this state are the waterfalls. They are gorgeous refreshing to look at and wondrous display of Mother Nature.

Multiple waterfalls and water bodies are sprinkled in every nook and corner of Kerala; although one of the most spectacular of the lot is Athirappilly Waterfall. Located in Thrissur district of Kerala, Athirappilly Waterfall has captured the imagination of many people in the film fraternity. The imposing waterfalls were the majestic backdrop for the famous films like Ravana and Guru. Bestowed with the best of flora and fauna, here tourist can see many unique yet endangered species.

The idea of spending holidays next to the tranquil landscape of waterfall and indulging in waterborne outdoor activities is enough to captivate the mind and attention of any individual. Waterfalls in Kerala have captured the beauty of the sun in its full essence and cascade down to the earth through the rocks giving a vision of true elegance and captivating beauty. Another such spectacular water cascade located in Kerala is Thomankuttu Waterfalls. All thanks to its dramatic location and scenic beauty, Thomankuttu waterfalls is a best place to chill out with families.

Onam is the main festival of Kerala, which unite people of all creeds and religions. On this day, homes are thoroughly cleaned while people take the opportunity to buy new clothes. During this festival, people come together with the feeling of amity and exchange clothes with each other. Onam is a harvest festival; it is also a celebration of the greatness of King Mahabali and his return to his earthly abode.

Palaruvi waterfall in Kollam district holds the preserved secrets of Kerala. One can see the water in full flow during the monsoon season. Here tourist can see pure white, foamy streams gushing down from the height of 300 feet. It's a perfect getaway for the intrepid travellers looking for a secluded as well as an adventurous holiday.

Rolling hills, romantic aroma, picture-perfect landscapes and solitude make waterfalls in Kerala, one of the ideal gateways to escape concrete jungle and cacophony of city's noise life. Chattering sound of waterfalls can invoke anyone's sense. Other waterfalls in Kerala which can are a feast for eyes: Soochipara, Perunthenaruvi, Dhoni, Nyayamakad, etc.

Great plumes of icy mist arise when these enchanting falls hits the ground and rocky edges. People from around the world are drawn to Kerala just to see which forceful extent water call flow and hypnotic current. Plan a vacation in Kerala and feel the power of Kerala's mightiest and beautiful waterfalls.

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