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Kerala is an epicurean paradise, and everyone knows it. This south Indian state that cradles between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea swings between juicy seafood and aromatic traditional dishes. It is indeed true that the geography, culture and to some extent history play an important role in giving the cuisine of Kerala some unforgettable flavour. The people incorporate a heavy dose of coconut milk, mustard seeds, curry leaves, rice, fish, poultry, meat, chillies and tamarind in the dishes that not only have an exotic effect on flavours but in presentation as well.

The Sadya, is an extravagant meal in Kerala, which is a traditional vegetarian feast that is served as lunch. Banana leaf is used to serve Sadya, which consists of boiled pink rice, side dishes, curries, pickles and desserts spread. The Onam Sadya is a must try as it includes the best of traditional food items in it like Avial, Erissery, Kaalan, Koottu Curry, Olan, Parippu and several other dishes. Appam with varied non-veg stews and curries, idiyyapam and egg roast, Chiratta Puttu & Cheru Payar, Kappa Puttu or Tapioca Puttu, and Lamb with Tapioca Ularthiyathu are some of the dishes that are served in the breakfast in Kerala. On the other side Ada Pradhaman, Palada Pradhaman, Vathalappam and Paal Paayasam are some of the major desserts in Kerala.

A variety of rice dishes like Ghee Rice (Neichoru), Kurumulaku Kanji, Malabar Chicken Biryani, Malabar Mutton Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Tapioca Biryani are important part of the Kerala cuisine. Side dishes are also quite crucial in Kerala’s cuisine and one can often find them being quite flavoursome. Alleppey fish curry, Anchovies Fish Fry, Beef Fry, Chemmeen Kari and Moilee are some of the most liked side food items. Kerala cuisine also include of some lip smacking snacks like Aadu Attipathal, Egg Cutlet, Erachi Vada, Kottayam Churuttu, Pazhampori and Unnakaya, which make tea or coffee time in Kerala even better. Another batch of scrumptious food comes from the tribal areas of the state. Though lesser known to the outside world, the tribal cuisine in Kerala is quite a thing to try. Koottu Kari, Njandu Varattiyathu, Pantithal, Paral Chuttathu, Ponnankanni (Koyipachappu), Puzha Meen Curry and Thal Curry are some of the tribal dishes that are worth giving a shot in Kerala.

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