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Area: 128 km2 (49 sq mi)
Location: Southern India on the Malabar Coast
Language: Malayalam, English and Tamil
Best Time to Visit: September to February
STD Code: 0495
District: Kozhikode
Winters (October to March): 15°C- 33°C
Summer (April to September): 20°C- 37°C

Kozhikode first came into existence when it was invaded by Vasco Da Gama in 1498. The thrilling land is the amalgamation of sun-kissed beaches, verdant jungles, and a rich historical legacy. Every street, fort, and beach arrives into a present carrying its untold stories and memory from the past. Kozhikode was a leading trading center for spices during the medieval period. The district was the apple of many invaders eyes namely Dutch, French and later British. Many sea wars are fought to earn the rule of this priceless piece of land.

As per the facts of historians, the name was derived from two words- koyil (palace) and kotta (fort). The district was once surrounded by the fort built by its ruler, the Zamorin, who encouraged trade with the Arabs by giving special concessions. It was then when Kozhikode captured the imagination of many invaders. Arabs used to call it by the name Kalikat; for Chinese it was, Kalifo, and for Europeans, Calicut (Kozhikode).

Right from its history to the culture, everything is distinctive about Kozhikode. It is only in Kozhikode that a woman continues to live in their ancestral house while their husbands, visit them in evening only. In fact in some areas of Kozhikode, tourists will find some colorful cross boards all depicting about facts and fiction. CSI Church, Pattalam mosque, and Commonwealth Spinning Wheel are some of the prominent places which should be witnessed on a trip to Kozhikode.

A whiff of the history of continues to permeate in the street, markets and lanes of Kozhikode. Apart from its mystic charm, there is another place here which attracts tourists to Kozhikode. Dolphin Point, Lions Park, and Marine water aquarium are the terrific places that are worth a visit on a trip to Kozhikode.

Few minutes' drive from Kozhikode will take tourists to a beach where Vasco Da Gama first established his footsteps along with 170 other men-Kappad Beach. One can also visit Beypore beach that is famous for boat building yards.

Kozhikode is an ancient town with hoary past. A lot of history and beauty is associated with Kozhikode. Take a walk down the memory lane and memory footprints on it, even if only for a few seconds.

Interesting Facts

  • Kozhikode was the first place in India where Vasco de Gama landed.
  • In Kozhikode, women continue to live in their ancestral house while their husband visits them in evening only.
  • Kozhikode was dubbed as the 'city of spices' in the 12th century.
  • As per the legends, three Arab Prince placed three jars of pickle along with gold coin in each on the west coast. Only in Kozhikode the coin was found intact in the jar upon the return of the princes, earning it the title of the 'harbour of honesty'.
  • Kozhikode was discovered by Vasco Da Gama at the Kappad sea shore along with three vessels and 170 men. Kozhikode District found a place in the World History with the discovery of Sea Route.

Things to Do in Kozhikode:

  • To experience the unique culture of Kerala, tourists can visit Iringa Crafts Village. Here artisans and craftsmen are encouraged to show their skills and sell their products to visiting tourists. Art and craft workshops are also available to know about Kerala art and craft.
  • Try the scrumptious delicacy of Kozhikode, 'Kozhikodian Halwa' that is available at shops of SM Street.
  • Indulge in bird watching at Kalalundi bird sanctuary. Here tourists can spot more than 60 varieties of birds, fishes, crabs and mussels as well.
  • Visit Bypore, a small port located nearby Kozhikode. This ancient port is in news since the time Arabs, Chinese and European invaded Kerala. There is a 15, 000-year-old shipping yard here and the craftsmanship of the workers here is exceptional.
  • Do visit the Kerala institute of research and development of Schedule caste and schedule tribes. Here one can get detailed information about schedule tribes, their lifestyle, traditions, etc.

Where to Stay:

Kozhikode offers endless opportunities for travelers, and thus it is the most happening destination in Kerala. Hotels and Resort in Kozhikode range from 5 stars to budget accommodation. Some of these hotels are located in the posh area while other shares boundaries with the sea. All these hotels, resorts, and home stays are the perfect places for all the leisure and business travelers alike. Mentioned below are some of the best accommodations options available in Kozhikode.

  • WelcomHotel Raviz Kadavu, Resort and Ayurveda Spa
  • Copper Folia
  • Hotel Marina Residency
  • The Taj Gateway Hotel Beach Road
  • Hotel King Fort
  • Park Residency
  • Kappad Beach Resort
  • Hotel Asma Tower
  • Paramount Tower Hotel
  • Hotel Monad
  • Hotel Maharani


Kozhikode is a beautiful city with the most astounding history. From Kozhikode, don't forget to purchase souvenirs, spices, banana chips ( an Indian snack), Calico (a soft printed cotton variety), coir products, miniature snake boats, etc. Kozhikode, erstwhile Calicut was known as the city of spices. So, don't forget to purchase spices including pepper, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom from here.

Mentioned below are some of the shops from where on purchase commodities are:

Kozhikode Central Market
Address: Court Road, Kozhikode 673001
Things to Purchase: Spices

S M Street
Address: SM St, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673001
Things to Purchase: Sweets, Banana Chips, Sweet Meat (Halwa), Silk Textiles

C S I Manchira
Address: Mananchira, Kozhikode - 673002
Things to Purchase: Spices, rosewood, buffalo horn carving, fancy clothes item

Vilangakunnu village
Things to Purchase: Different varieties of tea and coffee

Kerala State Handicrafts
Address: Aradana Building, Kallai Rd, Palayam, Kozhikode-673002

Tasara Creative Weaving Centre
Address: Main Road, Beypore, Kozhikode – 673015
Things to Purchase: furnishings, Wall Hangings, Carpets and Dress materials

Focus Mall
Address: Mavoor Road, Rajaji Road Junction, Calicut
Things to Purchase: Designer Apparel, Goddies

How to Reach

By Airways: Calicut International Airport is located at a distance of 23 km from Kozhikode. Flights from Calicut to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi and to other major cities are easily available. Cabs and buses are easily available from the airport.

By Railways: Kozhikode has its own railway station which is well connected with all the major districts of Kerala. Tourist can get easy transport facility from the railway station to reach a particular destination.

By Roadways: Kerala tourism makes it possible for all the tourists to reach Kozhikode at ease. Kozhikode can be reached via road from Coimbatore (178km), Kochi (190km), Mangalore (221km), Bangalore (359km) and Trivandrum (399km). Kozhikode Bus tickets can be booked online with great comfort.

Following is the list of places which are nearby Kozhikode:

Location Duration Distance
Coimbatore 3 hours 39 mins 186 km
Mangalore 5 hours 15 mins 233 km
Ernakulam 4 hours 5 mins 207 km
Alleppey 4 hours 41 mins 228 km
Thekkady 6 hours 27 mins 308 km
Coorg 3 hours 41 mins 178 km
Kumarakom 5 hours 6 mins 239 km
Belur 6 hours 0 mins 292 km
Bekal 3 hours 39 mins 168 km
Kottayam 5 hours 6 mins 239 km
Ooty 3 hours 48 mins 157 km
Munnar 6 hours 2 mins 276 km
Goa 12 hours 0 mins 583 km
Thalassery 1 hour 33 mins 69.4 km