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Kozhikode Travel Guide

Often recognized as a place where the famed explorer, Vasco Da Gama first set his foot in India, Kozhikode is amongst the top tourist destination in Kerala. The city is the amalgamation of sun-kissed beaches, verdant jungles, and a rich historical legacy. Every street, fort, and beach arrives into a present carrying its untold stories and memory from the past.

An Insight into Kozhikode Tourism Kerala

The popular travel place of Kozhikode was a leading trading center for spices during the medieval period. The district was the apple of many invaders’ eyes namely Dutch, French and later British. Many sea wars are fought to earn the rule of this priceless piece of land. As per the facts of historians, the name was derived from two words- koyil (palace) and kotta (fort). The district was once surrounded by the fort built by its ruler, the Zamorin, who encouraged trade with the Arabs by giving special concessions. It was then, Kozhikode caught the eye of many invaders. Arabs used to call it by the name Kalikat; for Chinese it was, Kalifo, and for Europeans, Calicut (Kozhikode).

Right from its history to the culture, everything is distinctive about Kozhikode. It is only in Kozhikode that a woman continues to live in their ancestral house while their husbands, visit them in evening only. In fact in some areas of Kozhikode, tourists will find some colorful cross boards all depicting about facts and fiction. CSI Church, Pattalam mosque, and Commonwealth Spinning Wheel are some of the popular tourist attractions which should be witnessed on a trip to Kozhikode.

Few minutes drive from Kozhikode will take tourists to a beach called Kappad where Vasco Da Gama first put his foot along with 170 other men in India. One can also visit Beypore beach that is famous for boat building yards, this place is an important destination to see during a holiday in Kozhikode.

Kozhikode is ancient town with hoary past. A lot of history and beauty is associated with Kozhikode. This tourism place allows you to take a walk down the memory lane bringing you face to face to the rich heritage.

We at Tour My India offer detailed travel guide to make your Kozhikode tour hassle free and comfortable. We ensure to include every detail that can be of importance during your trip to city. Find information on best time to visit to popular attractions of the place; from top hotels to best things to do; and from ideal tour package to food to relish.

A whiff of the history of continues to permeate the street, markets and lanes of Kozhikode. Dolphin Point, Lions Park, and Marine water aquarium are the top attractions that are worth a visit on a trip to Kozhikode.

Top Things to Do & Places to See in Kozhikode

Kozhikode offers a plethora of activities to tourists to engage on their tour to this amazing destination. The city offers a good opportunity for birdwatching at Kalalundi bird sanctuary apart from many sightseeing places. To experience unique culture of Kerala, tourists can visit Iringa Crafts Village. Another must thing to do in Kozhikode is trying its the scrumptious delicacies. Apart from it, don’t forget to walk down the memory lanes by visiting the ancient port and a 15, 000-year-old shipping yard.

Best Hotels & Resorts for Holidaying in Kozhikode Kerala

Kozhikode offers endless opportunities for travelers, and thus it is one of the most popular travel places in Kerala. Hotels and Resort in Kozhikode range from 5 stars to budget accommodation. Some of these hotels are located in the posh area while other shares boundaries with the sea. All these hotels, resorts, and home stays are the perfect places for all the people travelling for leisure and business alike. Mentioned below are some of the best accommodations options available in Kozhikode.

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